My name's Carla, I'm in my late 20s, and I'm currently very into Guilty Gear.


I've bounced around a lot of fandoms over the years, with the most obvious being Guilty Gear, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Magic the Gathering, Fire Emblem, and Metal Gear Solid.

While I like the MXTX books and The Witcher series, the broader fandoms are, in both cases, the perfect storm of things that make me want to not interact with a fandom. I'd be happy to chat about them with someone one-on-one!


Here is my reference blog - I use it to collect artwork that I like for inspiration.

I enjoy printmaking, creating digital art, gouache painting, charcoal drawing, and bookbinding occasionally. I have enough woodworking skills that I've made myself some DIY art jigs, including the ones that I use for bookbinding!